Carefree enjoyment with Republic laminate floors


Thanks to their excellent top layer and high-quality HDF core, Republic laminate floors are tough and sturdy and will serve you well for many years to come.

We check every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that our laminate meets the strict production standards in our vertically integrated factory. 25years-to lifelong warranty on our floors, both in residential and commercial applications show the confidence we have with every single product that leaves out factories.

Republic laminate is…

1) Wear-resistant
The wear resistance is guaranteed by a wear resistant top layer in combination with the High Density core HDF board.

2) Impact resistant
The high quality HDF core boards can resist sudden impacts from high heels, falling objects and the pressure marks caused by furniture legs.


3) Cigarette resistant
A fallen burning cigarette that remains for a few seconds on your Republic laminate floor won’t leave the slightest trace.

4) Dimensionally stable
The high quality of the core boards limit the effect of relative humidity on your Republic laminate floor when compared with solid wood or chipboard. Any small degree of swelling of 1 mm per walking meter is easily dealt with by means of an expansion joint.

5) Scratch resistant
Your Republic laminate floor can easily withstand scratches from office chairs with soft rubber wheels. However, to keep sand from scratching your floor, it is best to use a doormat.

6) Slip resistant
A slippery floor constitutes a danger for you and your housemates. To keep you from falling, our engineers have worked hard to improve slip resistance. Our floors now score 45 % better than the EN 13329 standard.

7) Moisture resistant
Republic produces the HDF core boards itself and applies the highest standards regarding swelling and expansion. With Republic’s proprietary Triple Moisture Protection®, Republic’s floors boast the greatest water-resistance of any floor manufactured anywhere in the world today!

8) Stain resistant
Sauce, spaghetti, jam or coffee stains can ruin a carpet or solid parquet floor. With a Republic floor, stains need not be a disaster. Even magic markers, lipstick or nail varnish can easily be removed with a drop of acetone on a clean cloth.

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