Did you know that dark laminate makes your interior warm and intimate?


Different kind of laminate gives your rooms entirely different feeling. If you are looking for warmth and intimacy, dark laminate flooring is for you. This is excellent for bedrooms. Discover Repulic’s rich selection for the dark look that fits your style. Thousands have chosen Republic’s equisit floors to enhance their lifestyle.

If you have a two story house and the downstairs of your home had a tiled floor that felt cold and chilly, maybe you should opt for a light laminate floor that makes the space lighter and brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the home.

Upstairs, to keep the bedrooms with their high ceilings cozy and intimate, choose a dark laminate floor. Many choose to extend the dark laminate flooring throughout the whole of the upstairs, giving the entire upper floor a single, unified feel.

See our rich selection of laminate grades and finishes that will make you own home glow.

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