When Nothing Less than "Breathtaking" is Good Enough

Platinum Collection

Republic Floors takes ambience and class to new heights with its amazing Platinum Collection. Carrying a limited 30 years residential warranty, the Platinum Collection brings to your house a truly astonishing floor.

The unparalleled attention to detail and craftsmanship makes the Platinum Collection at first sight almost indistinguishable from real
wood floors-even for experts!

The Platinum Collection features a number of species of wood, with the charm and unique signature of each recreated in laminated floor.

The edges of the planks are rounded on both sides and ends, creating vibrant 'plank effect' that looks and feel just like real wood floor.

The Platinum Collection varies from slightly-distressed look, with some chisel marks on the plank, to medium-distressed look.

All Platinum Collection floors are manufactured with Republic's proprietary Triple Moisture Protection™ technology for unparalleled durability.


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