Dear Prospective Customer,

I come bearing a gift you thought you’d never have in our Industry– peace of mind. I’m serious.

So you sell this nice laminate floor, since you bought it at a deep discount you can make a little money on it…until it goes totally nuts. 

How many times have you called the supplier only to learn that, oops, it’s out of stock right now?  Now you must call the customer, make yourself look like a fool, and try not to lose the sale. 

It’s far worse when after you get the floor installed the client comes running back to you because the floor “opened”, the laminate is peeling or bubbling, or there is moisture damage. This is when the “you-know-what” hits the fan. 

The installer claims the floor is lousy…the supplier claims the installer doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing…and YOU are the one left holding the bag! 

Some customers just want their money back. Others can make you so miserable you curse the day they walked through the door… 

And let’s not even talk about what’s going to happen when a UNILIN inspector comes in to your store (and it will happen) and finds the discounted floors aren’t licensed! 

So I’m asking; Why?  Why can’t you make good money selling quality laminate floors your clients will love without the whole thing blowing up in your face?  Is it too much to ask?

The answer is “No, it isn’t too much to ask” at all. In fact it’s the reason I’m writing you this letter.



Meet Republic, the first laminate floors designed to make YOUR life easy

After establishing Eternity Flooring, I saw the same problems you did.  As a result I have created my new company, Republic Floors with one ideal in mind:  To give you, the dealer, the best laminate floor in the world.  Here’s what I mean by “best”:

  • Republic Floors are manufactured to be the finest laminate floors in the world - period.  So much so, that our Ultimate Republic line comes with our unique ‘Triple Moisture Protection’ that guarantees the floors will remain damage-free even after standing under water for 10 hours straight! 


There will be NO complaints - Guaranteed (see more later)


  • Second, Republic Floors are not just priced to sell - they are priced to make you money!  


Their unrivaled quality (go ahead, dare the client to take a plank in their hand and see if they can tell if it’s laminate or real wood) allows the floors to sell at moderate premiums that allow you to compete with the biggest discount stores while increasing YOUR profits by 200% and more!



  • Every box of original Republic Floors comes complete with a genuine UNILIN licensing hologram. No exceptions, no problems, no headaches - never were, never will be. Period. 


  • Dealer Alert Hotline: Every item we sell is pre-stocked three-months in advance, so you can rest assured that you can always deliver on your promise, on time, every time.  


In case of unavoidable delay, our Dealer Alert Hotline will alert you in advance when any item may be running out of stock.


You’ll never have to call a customer red-faced and reneged on your promise ever again.


And here’s how you KNOW all the above is for real:  


The Republic Iron-clad Power-Warranty:

We at Republic Floors guarantee in writing that;


  • If you sell any Republic floor to any customer within the continental United States, and -  


  • The floor is shipped properly and installed by a professional installer, following the included installation instructions - 


  • Then, should the Republic Floor fail, or prove defective after installation for any reason WE WILL REPLACE THE DAMAGED FLOOR AND PAY FOR REINSTALLATION – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


Yeah – we’re THAT sure.




Sincerely yours, 

Eli Shuat

President – Republic Floors