Nature Stone


The Republic Pure SPC MAX Flooring Revolution in Your home!

The Republic Pure SPC MAX turns to stone – and the results are breathtaking.  Nature Stone collection looks and feels like real porcelain tiles, down to real grouting on the floor! 


Install it in bath and restrooms and go ahead and spill on it as much water as you wish – it’s 100% waterproof.  Use it on private or public areas – its strength and durability are unlike any floor you’ve ever seen. 


Any The Republic Pure SPC MAX Nature Stone will give you the solid feel and look of porcelain tiles – but it’s much tougher than porcelain.  It will never fade and will virtually never wear out.  It’s 40% more dense than any SPC floor made anywhere - so it never shrinks, never expands, remaining stable and durable for as long as you own the floor – and then some…


Republic Pure SPC MAX

MAXimum strength, MAXimum durability, MAXimum stability, MAXimum style

RENS6010 Coastal Dakota
Unlike flooring with regular underlayment,
Republic's Pure SPC with anti-bacterial acoustic
underlayment ensures no mold or mildew growth.
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