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Pure SPC MAX the ultimate flooring solution

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When planning a space the correct flooring solution is critical, changing it at a later date is a real headache and expensive. Pure SPC MAX is always the right solution

What is so great about Pure SPC MAX?

Many people choose their flooring based mainly on its looks. Looks are important but with Pure SPC MAX you can have looks and functionality. Not only does our flooring look great but as it is a waterproof SPC flooring it is a great choice for every possible space.

Waterproof SPC flooring is becoming the informed choice amongst the professionals and it is easy to understand why.

Let’s get technical

Pure SPC MAX is a waterproof SPC flooring. Being a stone plastic composite makes it really, really strong and durable, much stronger than a plain wpc waterproof flooring . It can stand up to lots of punishment. Being waterproof which means you can lay it throughout your premises.

Our product stands out even more from other flooring solutions as it is padded with our Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial acoustic EVA underlayment to ensure no mold or mildew growth. This also gives it great acoustic qualities; a great bonus for your downstairs neighbours.

Easier installation

Republic Floor’s Pure SPC MAX flooring has a solid core which is 40% stronger, making it much  more stable. This makes it easier to install even if the subfloor is not perfect. Being a  waterproof SPC flooring, you can lay it throughout your project even in places where water may be an issue. The final result will be amazing, the installation will be easier and quicker and this should mean that the cost of installation will be lower.

Looks better and feels better for longer

Our Pure SPC MAX flooring is etched and embossed using the newest technology so that it feels and looks totally natural. We provide a 25 year limited domestic warranty and a 10 year limited commercial warranty because we know that our product will remain in great condition for many, many years to come.

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