To understand what a floor vendor is really offering, you need to know a bit about how a laminate floor is made.  It’s not that complicated.Laminate flooring has four layers:


  1. A wear layer

  2. A design layer,

  3. An inner core layer and

  4. A backing layer.


The Wear layer is the clear top layer.  This layer protects the floor from wear, stains and fading.  The harder and thicker it is, the more wear-resistant you’re floor will be.  Laminate floors are graded under the AC rating system of numbers 1 through 5.  1 represents the lowest quality and 5 for the highest.  AC 2 and AC3 are considered plenty for home and residential use.

There’s a secret regarding this layer I’ll tell you in a minute.


The Design layer is the secret to the floors beauty. It’s a photographic image of wood, stone, brick or ceramic the lays under the wear layer.
There’s a secret they are not telling you regarding this layer as well.  I’ll tell it to you in a minute.


The Inner core is a thick, high density fiber (HDF) that keeps the laminate stable and flat. It is produced under extreme pressure from resins and glues.  There are TWO secrets you must know here.


The Backing is the bottom layer that creates a moisture barrier that protects your floor from warping.  Yes, there is what to know about this layer they are not tell you as well.


Click here to see the first secret: “What you can't see WILL hurt you"


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