What they don’t tell you – Secret No. 1: “What you cannot see…”


Almost all laminates – and certainly the most beautiful lines – are made in China.  Chinese manufacturing capabilities are unsurpassed – as you know Apple, among others, produces its products in China.  The Chinese laminate makers can give you any quality you wish for.  

That’s the good news... and the bad news.

You see, almost all floor-covering retailers – even very big ones - typically buy their laminate floors from any one of many middlemen dealers who have the floors made for them in China.  The profit margins on laminate floors are pretty modest.  Every penny they can shave off the cost is pure profit.

The untold secret is that there are many factories in China who make laminate floors for anyone who is willing to pay.  These factories are so good; they have no problem tailor-fitting the quality of the floors they produce to the price the buyer is willing to pay…

So if a buyer wishes to cut corners to lower his costs, the bosses in China have no problem with it whatsoever.  It just means that the wear layer will be that much thinner and will wear off quicker.  And with buyers moving from factory to factory to seek ever-lower prices, the design layer will be inconsistent, sometimes within that very same batch!  

It’s simple economics – you get what you pay for.  The worst thing is that no one will know about it because you can’t see the differences with the naked eye.  In fact, the only one who will know…is you, as after a few years your floors wear out quicker than they should…or the floor warps and the planks “pop” at the seams.  

It is exactly for that reason that we at, Republic Floor; manufacture our laminate in China in our own factory.  We have to.  We must control the quality of every detail of our floors because every Republic floor comes with a limited lifetime warrantee.

It also means that every model of every line we make is always consistent and identical.  Should you decide in a few years that you want to re-floor another part of your house with the same floor model, you can be assured that the floors will match perfectly.

Having our own factory also means that Republic Floor laminates not more expensive than other floors simply because the cost of the middleman is eliminated.


And here is the next thing they don't tell you:  “Do you know what comes OUT of your floor?”

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