What they don’t tell you – Secret No. 2: “Do you know what comes OUT of your floor?”


One of the many reasons why laminate floors are such an incredible flooring solution is the Inner Core, a massive layer of high density fiber so though it will keep your floor beautiful for years and years to come.  Until recently, however, it also had a dark secret: the traditional chemical composite of that composite can give off some toxic emissions.

This is why the U.S government has set up regulations that ensure that any laminate floor sold in the United States is safe.  

Republic Floor abides by the most stringent of those standards in America, the CARB compliancy according to the California Environmental Protection Agency. CARB refers to the California Air Resources Board as governed by the California Environmental Protection Agency.

We are a proud to be a ‘green’ company that bears the standards of civil and environmental responsibilities with pride and sense of mission.


And here is the next thing yhey don’t tell you: Secret No. 3 - “Yes, but does it fit??”


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