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Republic Floor™ Triple Moisture Protection™




The instructions for the care of every wood and laminate floor in the world admonish the owner not to get the floor wet at all costs.

Laminate floor are never to be washed with anything wetter than a damp cloth, using a specialized cleaner. And if anything spills, the owner is warned to wipe up the spillage immediately – all for a very good reason:

Moisture (let alone water…) ruins laminate floors, period.

In fact, we all know that as little as one hour under water is enough to ruin a laminate floor for good… 
Until now...

Introducing: Republic Floor™ Triple Moisture Protection™


Republic Floors is proud to introduce a breakthrough technology in the manufacture of laminate floors which make Republic Floors practically impervious to moisture of any kind.

In fact, Republic Floors guarantees in writing that all its floors manufactured with its proprietary Triple Moisture Protection technology can stand under water without sustaining any damage for full 10 hours!!

The Facts:

The secret of Triple Moisture Protection lies in the special technological breakthrough we made in moisture sealing and the quality of materials used to make the floors to begin with.
Republic Floors combine three layers of protection to achieve its peerless level of quality.
First, all Republic floors are manufactured using a super-high quality H.D.F core that boast a previously unheard-off swelling rate of just 2% to 4% - compared to the industry standard of 8% to 10%!
Secondly, a super-durable, high quality balancing paper is used to offer all Republic floors protection from bellow. No floor anywhere uses a balancing paper of such quality.
Ultimately, Republic Floors uses that highest quality hot wax that is applied to both tongue and grove that completely seals the H.D.F core to levels previously unknown in the industry. You can actually feel the difference in the quality of the wax used by running your fingernail along the grooves.
Each and every plank and panel of a Republic floor is constructed and sealed individually. It is this combination of technology, quality raw materials, and uncompromising manufacturing standards that make any Republic floor far more durable and water resistant than any floor manufactured by anyone anywhere in the world.
All that, combined with low formaldehyde levels that fully comply with the tough California Carb Compliance, Phase 2 requirement, results in a laminate floor of a revolutionary standard of quality.
In five years’ time, all laminate floors will be made this way.

We put it writing.

Republic Floors When Only the Best Is Good Enough

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