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The Laminate floor was invented some 35 years ago and was taken by Republic Flooring to the next, state-of-the-arts level. Using the newest and eco-friendliest technologies, Republics gives you stunningly beautiful floors that are, easy-to-install with unequalled surface wear and scratch protection. Republic is considered the ultimate consumer brand in the world market today.

It is part of the REPUBLIC FLOOR manufacturing process to carefully craft and comply with the most stringent wood manufacturing regulations imposed in the United States. The most stringent of those standards is the CARB compliancy according to the California Environmental Protection Agency.






CARB refers to the California Air Resources Board as governed by the California Environmental Protection Agency. CARB’s mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through effective reduction of air pollution. 

REPUBLIC FLOOR aims to assure our customers that the REPUBLIC floor they’ve purchased comes from responsibly harvested forests.
Republic Floors  sources hardwood from the China. Government regulations in all of these countries have become much more stringent over the last decade, and we fully support their efforts to protect their forests. 

 A laminate floor’s durability is measured by the Association of European Producers of laminate Flooring’s (EPLF) AC1 through AC5 wear rating system. Products are designated a rating after being tested for their resistance to abrasion, impact, staining and cigarette burns. Each increase in AC rating represents a 60 percent heavier wearlayer.


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