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Pure SPC Flooring

Imagine a floor surface with the luxurious look and texture of natural wood, the warmth of high quality vinyl, and the strength of solid stone. Republic’s Pure SPC Flooring range features the most elegant engineered floor designs on the market.

Pure SPC Flooring for Pure Pleasure

One of the many advantages of SPC flooring is the pleasure of waking up in the morning and walking barefoot on this attractive and super-comfortable surface. The beautiful designs that are printed on the vinyl surface are pleasing to the eye, and the embossed texture is pleasing to the feet! For maximum warmth and comfort, Pure SPC Flooring can even be laid on floors that are warmed by underfloor heating pipes.


Some people say that WPC or SPC flooring is the next best thing to real wood or ceramic tiles, but we actually believe that it is better! Better for easy installation, better for water resistance, better for noise reduction, better for your budget, and better for the planet! No trees were harmed to bring you the most beautiful wood-look Pure SPC flooring, and you will never have to worry about replacing a cracked tile or picking up a splinter!

Republic’s Advanced Flooring Solution

Republic Floor offers you the most advanced Pure SPC flooring currently available, manufactured exclusively for us. Our floor planks are made from super-strong stone plastic composite that is strong and durable, but also flexible and easy to install. The planks are designed to snap into place easily, and they are supplied with Republic’s proprietary Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial underlayment padding already attached to the underside of each floor plank. This not only makes installation quicker but it also offers excellent noise insulation benefits that everyone will appreciate.


You will be surprised to find out how much added value you get with Republic’s Pure SPC flooring. It is ideal for all homes and offices, guaranteed to look great for 25 years in a residential setting and 10 years of regular commercial use.

Choosing the Right Waterproof Flooring Products

If you are furnishing a public building or indoor commercial area with high footfall, you may want to consider installing Republic’s strongest and most durable SPC flooring product: Pure SPC MAX. This 100% waterproof flooring has a thicker core than any SPC floor made anywhere, reinforced with stone for 40% greater density. Some of our SPC flooring products are designed to resemble ceramic tiles, while others look and feel like real wood planks. Republic also offers a wide range of wood-style laminate floors to bring the joy of nature into your home or office. Visit our showrooms or explore this website to find out more about our varied high quality flooring collections.

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