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Extra-Wide Pure SPC Flooring

Pure SPC Flooring

The Republic Extra Wide Pure SPC Flooring European Tradition…and Revolution in Your home!

For those who enjoy the view of the snow capped Denali, or the breezy,

calm feel of the live oaks on the coast of Carmel, our Mountain Oak Collection is right for you.

Republic’s own technology has ensured that these floors remain completely durable and 100% waterproof,

while giving the look and feel of real hardwood flooring.

Republic's new Extra-Wide floor features wider and longer planks for a moreauthentic old-floor look and feel.

The new Republic Pure SPC features Republic’s proprietary technology that makes the floors completely inert and waterproof.

It carries a limited 25 year residential warranty and a limited 10 year commercial warranty.

In addition, our all-new anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding comes attached to the floor planks.

Not only does this make installation much easier and quicker - it also offers excellent noise insulation never available before.

Republic’s Pure SPC floors are stronger and snap into place much easier than other floors.

They also last longer and true to the Republic way, are completely green.

Mountain Oak Collection

REMO2501 Denali
Unlike flooring with regular underlayment,
Republic's Pure SPC with anti-bacterial acoustic
underlayment ensures no mold or mildew growth.
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