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Stunning WoodMax Flooring

Because there is not enough premium wood in the world, and because we don’t want to waste precious natural resources, Republic has created the best WoodMax floor boards to make premium wood-style floors accessible for all.

Improving on Nature - Waterproof flooring

We believe that you can improve on nature. Wood is not waterproof, but our laminate floors are manufactured with our proprietary Triple Moisture ProtectionTM technology to make them water resistant. They are uniquely engineered from three layers, using TMP technology so robust that they are practically impervious to water spills for up to 300 hours.

Republic laminate floors are made from the highest quality H.D.F core with a lower than standard swelling rate of just 2% to 4% - compared to the industry standard of 8% to 10%. They are protected from below with a super-durable, high quality balancing paper, and a third layer of hot wax is applied to every part of the board to completely seal it. You can actually feel the difference in the quality of the wax we use by running your fingernail along the grooves.

Why Choose Republic WoodMax Floors?

Our unique combination of quality raw materials, advanced Triple Moisture Protection technology, and uncompromising manufacturing standards make Republic’s WoodMax floors more durable and water resistant than any other floor in the world. Every plank and panel of a Republic floor is constructed and sealed individually. They click together seamlessly, making them easy to install, so that large floor areas can be covered quickly and at minimal cost. The natural look and embossed texture of our WoodMax flooring is so realistic that people can’t resist stroking the wood grain to check if it is actually wood. Visit our stores to feel it for yourself!

21st Century Flooring Options

Republic Floor offers three innovative engineered flooring options that enable you to bring the magic of wood into your home or office without destroying a single tree. If WoodMax floors are not appropriate for your project, our stone plastic composite (SPC) floor planks may be better suited to your requirements. Our Pure SPC flooring is made from this super-strong compound, similar to WPC flooring but modified for greater resilience and improved waterproof qualities. Its decorative vinyl top layer is printed, embossed and laminated to look and feel like wood, but it is easier to install and costs less than wood or wood laminate.


Our Pure SPC Max flooring range is made with an even stronger core of stone plastic composite and is available in a wide selection of beautiful designs. Designed for large commercial spaces, this range is 100% waterproof and features our proprietary True Grout Technology, to enhance the impression of wooden planks or ceramic tiles.


All Republic Floor products carry a limited 25 year residential warranty and a limited 10 year commercial warranty. Rest assured that you can rely on Republic!

Our WoodMax Products

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