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Republic Laminate Floors The Closest You’ll ever get to a Wood Floor Without cutting down a tree


The Laminate floor was invented some 35 years ago and was taken by Republic Flooring to the next, state-of-the-arts level. Using the newest and eco-friendliest technologies, Republics gives you stunningly beautiful floors that are, easy-to-install with unequalled surface wear and scratch protection. Republic is considered the ultimate consumer brand in the world market today.


What is Laminate Flooring?


What is Laminate Flooring? Originally, laminate flooring was invented as an inexpensive substitute to real wood floors. Since then, technology has made the laminate floor far superior to wood in every aspect. Aside from being less expensive, laminate floors can look like any type of wood…or marble…or anything else you like…while being more resilient to wear and tear, far easier and quicker to install – and being the “greener” choice by far. The laminate floor has four layers: a wear layer, a design layer, an inner core layer and a backing layer. The Wear layer – is a clear top layer that protects the floor from stains and fading The Design layer – is photographic image of wood, stone, brick or ceramic which gives the floor it’s look. The Inner core – is plastic resin that keeps the laminate stable and flat. The Backing – creates a moisture barrier that protects the floor from warping This layered construction, perfected over decades of ever-developing technologies, makes laminate floors remarkably durable.



What is “Embossing in Register” (EIR)?


What is “Embossing in Register” (EIR)? ‘Embossing in register’ or EIR is a manufacturing technique we use to create a grain consistent with the photographic image on the laminate board. Benefits of EIR Intensifies depth, texture and natural look of the floor It accentuates the design; especially when light is reflected off the surface It allows for micro-grout lines and precise detailing



Republic Flooring laminate floors are designed and manufecurered to be naturally “low maintenance” and retain their beauty for decades. Keeping them looking a new as the day they were installed is easy with these easy steps: Place a natural or colorfast mat at outside entrances to collect tracked-in dirt and absorb excess moisture. For added indentation resistance, use felt floor protectors on chairs and other furniture. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector should be. Routine Laminate Floor Care and Maintenance DO: Sweep or vacuum using the wand attachment, then follow with recommended floor care products. For spills, just wipe up with a cloth or sponge. Allow time for floor to dry after washing. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, foreign substances,
or wet feet.



Do not use soap-based detergents or "mop and shine" products, as these may leave a dull film on your laminate floor. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring powder, which can scratch your floor. And, in very sandy areas or at the beach, sweep or vacuum regularly. Do not wax or polish your floor. You may purchase floor care products and floor protectors at your local flooring retailer. Spring Cleaning Use a well-squeezed damp mop with any quality Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. A light damp mop is all you need!


There are absolutely no restrictions to where laminate can be installed. From basements and bathrooms to dens and kitchens, laminate flooring works superbly in any area of your home. Whatever room you choose, you can feel confident about Republic Flooring laminate performance. It will retain its beauty even in high-traffic areas and through normal changes in temperature, light and humidity levels. Republic’s Triple Moisture Protection® technology makes Republic Floors more resistant to water than any other laminate floors manufactured anywhere in the world today.

Latest news

Latest news

Laminate insttallation  instructions

Laminate insttallation


Latest news

Triple moisture protection

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Download TMP Catalogue

With Republic Floor’s Pure SPC flooring, you know that your WPC floor will look great and last for many years.


What is Pure SPC flooring?


Pure SPC flooring is a stone plastic composite flooring system. Being a WPC floor, it can be laid in many different locations including areas such as restrooms and kitchens  where a waterproof system is required. It is also really durable and strong making it a great choice for heavy traffic areas  as it can endure day to day punishment that might be inflicted upon it.

Let’s get technical

Republic Floor’s Pure SPC flooring is the most up to date WPC floor on the market and is manufactured exclusively for us. It is a very strong, durable but also flexible SPC flooring system with interlocking edges making it easy to lay. The really unique element of our flooring that sets us apart from other company’s products is our patented BioGuard™ antibacterial underlayment, which resists the build up of mold and has great acoustic qualities. The vinyl top-layer is computer embossed to create a realistic effect both to look at and to touch.


The planks are warm and comfortable underfoot but are also designed as a good accompaniment to underfloor heating pipes.  


We guarantee our product


We have subjected our Pure SPC floor to numerous tests to make sure that you can fit it with confidence. We know that floors are subjected to many stresses that could damage them. That is why we have engineered our wpc floor to withstand scratches and hold up against wear and tear. We provide a limited 25 year guarantee in residential applications and a limited 10 year guarantee in commercial applications.


If you need something stronger


For most applications our Pure SPC floor will last and look great for years. For very heavy use commercial premises, our Pure SPC MAX flooring system can take even more punishment.


When planning a space the correct flooring solution is critical, changing it at a later date is a real headache and expensive. Pure SPC MAX is always the right solution.


What is so great about Pure SPC MAX?

Many people choose their flooring based mainly on its looks. Looks are important but with Pure SPC MAX you can have looks and functionality. Not only does our flooring look great but as it is a waterproof SPC flooring it is a great choice for every possible space.

Waterproof SPC flooring is becoming the informed choice amongst the professionals and it is easy to understand why.

Let’s get technical

Pure SPC MAX is a waterproof SPC flooring. Being a stone plastic composite makes it really, really strong and durable, much stronger than a plain wpc waterproof flooring . It can stand up to lots of punishment. Being waterproof which means you can lay it throughout your premises.

Our product stands out even more from other flooring solutions as it is padded with our Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial acoustic EVA underlayment to ensure no mold or mildew growth. This also gives it great acoustic qualities; a great bonus for your downstairs neighbours.

Easier installation

Republic Floor’s Pure SPC MAX flooring has a solid core which is 40% stronger, making it much  more stable. This makes it easier to install even if the subfloor is not perfect. Being a  waterproof SPC flooring, you can lay it throughout your project even in places where water may be an issue. The final result will be amazing, the installation will be easier and quicker and this should mean that the cost of installation will be lower.

Looks better and feels better for longer

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