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Pure SPC MAX flooring is always the solution

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When it comes to durable waterproof flooring, Pure SPC MAX by Republic Floor is a really great option. It is hardwearing, waterproof and very, very strong.

What makes Republic’s Pure SPC MAX flooring so great?

Republic’s Pure SPC MAX flooring is a Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) making it resistant to most dents and scratches that may be inflicted upon it. Unlike laminate flooring, it is waterproof which means that it can be laid with confidence in areas such as kitchens and restrooms where moisture and dampness are an issue.


SPC flooring has a rigid core which makes Pure SPC Max a great choice to lay over imperfect subfloors. The planks come with Republic’s Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial acoustic EVA underlayment, which makes sure that no mildew or mold can grow underneath. It is more stable than laminate flooring making laying this floor so much easier and cheaper to install with a faultless final result .

The wise choice for commercial premises

Looking towards the future

When you invest in flooring you want to know that it will last and look great for many years to come. Republic Floor is so confident that our multi-layered Pure SPC MAX will last and continue to look great that we have guaranteed it! We offer a 25 year limited guarantee for domestic premises and 10 years for commercial premises. That means that you can invest in our spc waterproof flooring with absolute confidence.


So, if you are looking for absolute durability, strength and style, Republic Floor’s Pure SPC MAX flooring is the ultimate solution.

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