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Revitalize Your Home with our DesignerPro Flooring

Revolutionary SPC Waterproof Flooring

Republic is leading the flooring revolution with its ground-breaking engineered flooring products. We are pioneers in the development of resilient vinyl Pure SPC flooring, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and offering the most exciting designs ever.

Republic Floor manufactures the widest range of stylish and robust laminate and SPC flooring in the country. We have taken the wood content out of WPC flooring to make a greener product called Pure SPC. As a company, Republic Floor is setting new standards in health and safety, and has raised the bar on quality and environmental sustainability. Our team of highly-trained flooring experts can advise and provide you with the best flooring products available anywhere.

The Future of Flooring

Republic Floor is leading the way in the engineered flooring revolution. We keep on pushing forward the boundaries of manufacturing to create the most advanced, resilient and attractive flooring materials for tomorrow’s homes and offices. Other manufacturers may adopt similar techniques in order to try to emulate our products, but we urge you not to compromise! As the nation’s leading multilayer floor covering experts, we offer the best quality flooring products at the most competitive prices. Our vinyl and laminate flooring products carry a limited 25 year warranty for residential environments and 10 year warranty for commercial environments. No other flooring looks as good or lasts as long.

What is Pure SPC Flooring?

Republic Floor’s Stone Plastic Composite (Pure SPC) flooring is made by combining a robust plastic composite with real stone additives to forge the strongest possible core. To create our stunning high-definition designs, we then add a top layer of high-quality vinyl that can tolerate the most advanced embossing and etching techniques. A third layer of super-durable high quality balancing paper is added underneath, to ensure moisture protection from below. This three-layer construction ensures that our SPC flooring materials are impervious to moisture.


Our unique Pure SPC Flooring collection has a thick vinyl top layer that allows us to add attractive and realistic textured finishing effects,
using state-of-the-art printing and embossing techniques. We offer a diverse and exciting choice of designs that we are continually updating. The planks have an additional layer of padding attached, which is our proprietary Bio-GuardTM anti-bacterial underlayment, for extra reassurance and noise reduction. Our revolutionary Pure SPC Max flooring collection is the most robust and rigid floor covering currently available, with a 40% stronger core for stability and strength, but without compromising on appearance and style.

Quality without Compromise


Blackwater Canyon Collection
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The Republic Pure SPC MAX Flooring Revolution in Your home!

The quiet, classic look of wood floors comes to full life in the Blackwater Canyon line.  Blending in unobtrusively, the floor gives a neutral background to furnishings and decorations of any genre.  As someone once said Republic Pure SPC MAX:

“You can’t have a floor that looks more like real wood without cutting down a tree.”


The naturally harmonious surface virtually never wears out.  The core of the floor is 40% denser SPC floor made anywhere providing you with strength, durability and stability that will last as long as you own the floor – and then some. 


Our special combination of advanced waterproofing technology, quality raw materials, and uncompromising manufacturing standards make Republic’s Pure SPC flooring collections more innovative and resilient than any floor manufactured by anyone anywhere in the world. Visit us today to find out more about our advanced engineered vinyl flooring products.


Clover Creek Collection


Clover Creek collection of Republic Pure SPC MAX lavishly replicates the look to perfection.  As someone once said “You can’t have a floor that looks more like real wood without cutting down a tree.” Indeed.


Clover Creek Collection
RECC5301-Topical Malaga

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Glacier Point Collection
REGP5204-Sydney Cedar

Glacier Point Collection

The broad, generous planks of Glacier Point floors give the quiet, secure air of luxury and wealth.  The natural, veined look gives any room or hall the aura of self-confident that is the result of ample resources and strength.


The expressive, rich surface virtually never wears out.  The core of the floor is 40% more dense than any SPC floor made anywhere granting your floor strength, durability and stability that will last for as long as you own it – and then some. 


And as someone once said Republic Pure SPC MAX: “You can’t have a floor that looks more like real wood without cutting down a tree.”

100% Waterproof


Does notcontain
wood particles

ISO 14001

ISO 9001


Great Oregon Oak Collection

The new Republic Pure SPC features Republic’s proprietary technology that makes the floors completely inert and waterproof and carries a limited 25 year residential warranty and a limited 10 year commercial warranty.

Republic’s Pure SPC floors are stronger and snap into place much easier than other floors.  They also last longer and, true to the Republic way, are completely green.

Great Oregon Oak Collection
REOR2301-Water Oak

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Malta Island Collection
Amazon Gold REMI7030
European Plus Collection
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Republic brings to your home the classic look of Europe – venerable oaken floors, rich with history and tradition expressed by wood-like#accented grain, dents and cracks that give off the allure and mystery of old-continent glory.

The stunning effects are achieved by medium to heavy embossing on laminate that make the strip plank look practically identical to the#original wood floor – with durability and affordability no wood can match.

The Republic European Collection features Republic’s proprietary Triple Moisture Protection™ technology and carries a limited 30 years residential warranty and a limited 5 years commercial warranty.